Maravillosos panoramas en tus viajes con Airbnb

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Si quieres vivir experiencias únicas a donde quiera que vayas, Airbnb junto a su servicio te puede ofrecer muy buenas opciones con su sistema «Experiencias Airbnb», opciones variadas que se pueden ajustar a tus gustos. ¡Maravillosos panoramas en tus viajes con Airbnb Siempre!

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Airbnb es una página de hospedaje que no debes pasar por alto, es práctico, económico y confiable, todo esto con una increíble gama de precios y opciones que se ajustarán a tus preferencias o necesidades.

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Airbnb, la nueva forma de hospedar! 24.000 de descuento para tu primer viaje ;)

Airbnb la nueva forma de hospedar y viajar!

Conocemos muchos sitios y bromeamos con muchos de estos sitios que nos entregan cuartos de hoteles al mejor precio, pero hoy existe otro método mucho más práctico y económico que es airbnb, la nueva forma de tener hospedaje privado, compartido con otros huéspedes o también compartido con las familias mismas, ésta red se está expandiendo gracias a que cualquier persona puede ser un anfitrión! También ha ido ganando mucho terreno ya que se pueden comprar expediciones, atracciones turísticas y mucho más!

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Wonderful experiences in your travels thanks to Airbnb!

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If you want to live unique experiences wherever you go, Airbnb along with its services, can offer you a large amount of options with the «Airbnb Experiences» system , it gives you a lot of options to match your preferences!

Airbnb is an hosting page that you can not ignore, it’s practical, economic and reliable, all this with a great variety of prices and options that will adjust to your needs.

Search for private hosting, or if you want to save more money you can also share accommodation with other guests, or even, share it with the host family. All this thanks to the fact that anyone can be a host on this page. Host or deliver experiences!

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The last one in particular is the ‘’Airbnb Experiences’’, leaded by native people and experts from the area where you go, some of these experiences can be known below.

Historical routes

With more than 1,500 different experiences to offer you, discover the past with historical tours, all organized by local inhabitants, created for curious people just like you. Let the experts reveal the legends behind the historical monuments, the secrets behind the street of the city and much more. The hosts can teach you everything they know about the place where they live.

Solidarity tour experiences

Live amazing activities that support local charitable causes, try something new and different, have fun while 100% of what you’re paying will be directly donated to the non-profit organization, this way you will also contribute to the development of the community.

Experiences that goes from a kayak ride among penguins to support marine life, to Japanese calligraphy classes with brush and ink.

Discover nearby concerts, places to shop, walks in mountains or parks, visit bars and much more with Airbnb.